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  • Rila Institute of Health Sciences

    73 Newman Street, London W1T 3EJ, United Kingdom

    Tel: +44(0)207 631 1299 Fax: +44(0) 207 580 7166


    Dear Student,

    We welcome you to your programme of study which you have chosen to enhance your knowledge and skills. We are here to assist you to gain the maximum educational value from the course, leading to successful award of a postgraduate qualification.

    The online component of the learning and study has been specially constructed to provide the depth and breadth across the subject. It contains the core reading, assessments, online submission of written work (with samples of what is expected), discussion forum, added value services e.g. key papers etc.

    You should aim to work regularly and consistently over the period of the course, rather than cram. Remember that the clinical component, which is the practical aspects of the programme, is provided via your mentor/clinical supervisor. Do ensure you take full advantage of the opportunities made available to you. There is a minimum requirement of sessions but virtually all students do far in excess of this number.

    It is also important to realise that there is an endpoint summative examination. Let us reassure you that, provided you are diligent and work hard over the coming months, the examination should not hold any surprises.

    The Rila staff and the clinical faculty can be contacted by email should you have any questions or queries.

    We wish you a rewarding, enjoyable and professionally enhancing period of study with Rila

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